Redwood Healing Tables

I have been sculpting in Redwood for 35 years. My work is an expression of honoring the beauty and messages from Nature that we humans need to know. My work is dedicated as a healing tool, as we are in a time of transformative healing. New territories of heart, body, mind, soul and spirit are upon us.

The healing tables are created from 2,000 year old Redwood trees that were downed by lightning many years ago. The tables are 4 to 5 feet wide, 6 to 12 feet long and 3 to 6 inches thick.

The table is created to provide a place in time to be touched by the ancient DNA of creation and to support the insight of the healer in bringing people into wholeness

The Redwood family is ancient - the trees grow from the roots of the ones before. The Redwood connects the earth and the sky, bringing the blood of the earth to the surface with its roots and branches. The Redwood tree is of ancient warmth, soft silence and the heart of the earth. This vital earth connection is what allows our own roots to grow, our visions to manifest and help us to bridge the energies of the sky and the earth.

The gift of this wood is an essential component for our magnetic field to keep our bodies healthy. With this earth connection we can walk in balance.

The forms, symbols and images I carve into each table are tailored to the healer’s visions and form of work. Areas for placement of crystals and stones can be carved within the table. Also, carved altars are made for under the table on which crystals, stones, smudge bowls and water vessels can be placed. Padded cushions are custom made with natural fiber padding and washable fabric.

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redwood healing tables
redwood healing table

HEALING TABLE: 10' x 5' Redwood
(Resides in Ashland, OR and used by Dr. Joyce Patten)


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