Coppersmithing & Jewelery

Copper is 75,000 years old and was found in pure nuggets in the Lake Superior areas around 3000 B.C. Northwest Coast copper dates back to an early period when it was traded from the Copper River region of Alaska. Before the Europeans came, copper was the only metal worked in North America.

lavelle foos Coppermithing

Copper is a metal that increases circulation, is an anti-inflammatory and helps balance one's electromagnetic field.

The shield provided by copper is created from earth, fire, water, air and inspiration.

Look at the light reflections that shine off of the tooled copper. Tune in with the ancient quality and life giving energy. The shield can help you stay in your sacred center of serenity so that your wholeness can guide you.

antler and crystal sculptureAnother material I am drawn to is antler, which male deer shed annually by rubbing against trees. I combine it with amber, copper, and crystals to create talismans fashioned for the wearer’s particular visions and needs.

I also integrate antler, crystal, and copper in my redwood designs.

To commission your own special coppersmithed piece or learn where my pieces are being sold:
Ashland Oregon 97520
Jackson County Southern Oregon


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